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Hebrew Roots and Messianic Jewish Believers

Learn the Bible from a Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Roots perspective and be part of an online community of Torah-keeping followers of Yeshua.

What is Hebrew Roots?

A movement of Christian believers in Yeshua who advocate a return to a first century faith and obedience to the Torah.

What is Messianic Judaism?

A movement of Jewish believers in Yeshua who keep the Torah and many of the traditions and customs of the Jewish people.

Online Bible Teaching Ministry

We are an online ministry that encourage you to seek the Biblical Truth in all things and study the Scriptures to find out what is true.

Is Lent and ash Wednesday Biblical

Lent is a well-known tradition among Catholics and various other denominations, but is this 40 day period of fasting Biblical? Let's examine both S...


The sin of Korah

Korah was a Levite and the cousin of Moses and Aaron. He was not happy about their leadership and he gathered others with him to challenge the auth...


The purpose of the Torah

Many Christians mistakenly think that there are only ten commandments, but there are actually hundreds of commandments in the Torah. The Rabbis tea...


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